Online Thyroid course

For Patients

Understand what has caused your thyroid problem, what has made you sick and factors you can use to change your lifestyle to make you heal.

Thyroid problems can be so frustrating with repeated treatments by professionals that don’t seem to really help, leaving you disappointed and hopeless to recover your health. Have you considered that by getting a better understanding of thyroid disease, it would empower you to find your healing? Learn fundamentals from a natural and homeopathic perspective, incorporating functional medicine principles that will actively point you to improved thyroid functioning and a more fulfilled life.

Why take this course?

Better understand why your body is not responding to treatment.
Better understand thyroid labs and what to ask your doctor to get a better result from treatment.
Learn new concepts that lead to health that conventional medicine does not tell you about.

Learn how important lifestyle factors will successfully contribute to a balanced endocrine system.


Learn the emotional patterns that you keep repeating, which keep you trapped in thyroid dysfunction.


Understand the “NEVER BEEN WELL SINCE” syndrome, to help you identify why your thyroid has gone on the blink.


Learn which homoepathic protocols and complimentary modalities can support your thyroid condition.

Thyroid course for patient Hashimoto's and hypothyroid

What you will get from this course

You will feel empowered and be able to restore a positive expectation to your thyroid healing journey.
The ability to employ the guidelines to remove the causative factors of thyroid disease from your life.
The ability to live consciously by removing thyroid triggers in your daily life.

The confidence to identify if your current treatment is on the right path or not.

The knowledge to change your environment to support thyroid hormonal response.
Thyroid course for patient hypothyroid hashimoto's

Course outline

Common reasons for failure of thyroid programmes. How to ensure your thyroid gets a kick start.
Why thyroid disease is so common these days – with an explanation of how the thyroid works.
A closer look at NBWS – the crux of cure – helping you to identify why your thyroid has gone on the blink.
Different layers or levels of homeopathic treatment, with a discussion of well indicated remedies.
Complementary modalities that support homeopathic treatment, as well as lifestyle factors you have to address.

Don’t just take our word for it:

This course has helped to understand my condition so much better. I never understood how not dealing with my trauma has affected me so badly. I am very grateful to Dr de Pontes for giving me the tools to heal. I have gained so much insight from this course and know exactly what I need to do to get well. Thank you for realising the need for a course like this! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take control of their healing process.

Teresa Collins

I am grateful I have come across this course now. Hashimoto’s runs in my family, and I have seen I am heading there too. This course has helped me to understand how to manage my health. Thank you Dr de Pontes.

Ariella D

Thank you for being an inspiration Dr de Pontes. I have learned so much from you over the years, and this course has really given me such insight into thyroid root causes and how to manage Hashimoto’s. You really pour your heart and soul into your work and your passion for educating your patients is evident. I look forward to other courses you will do in the future.
Josette D. P.


Your instructor

Dr Anthony de Pontes has been in practice for more than 25 years. He is a professional and registered homeopath and functional medicine practitioner. He is passionate about educating his patients and colleagues about what he has learnt through the years of practice. He believes in an integrated approach when dealing with healing, but always with homeopathy at the heart.


One-off cost for lifetime access to the course:

Investment $150


This also includes:


15% discount on an intial consultation with

Dr de Pontes.

Frequently asked questions

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have life-long access to the course.

If I have other questions or need advice is there any support given?

Our private Facebook group is a platform where you are welcome to ask as many questions as you like, as well as interact with other thyroid sufferers. As a course member you are also entitled to a 15% discount on the Complete Assessment Consultation package.

Will I be able to understand my thyroid labs after the course?

Yes, you will better understand your thyroid labs and know which labs to request from your doctor.

Will I be able to understand why I suffer with thyroid disease after this course?

Yes, you will better understand the triggers that cause thyroid and autoimmune disease, and learn how to pinpoint where the causative factors lie for your case.

Will I be able to support my condition after this course?

You will have a better understanding on causative factors and triggers that aggravate your condition. You will be able to identify the direction your healing needs to focus on.

Sign up today and take control of your thyroid disease!