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Learn the tools to understand thyroid disease; set yourself apart as a thyroid expert and get results for your patients!

Thyroid disease is complicated, difficult physiology with numerous causations, poor clinical results, often with chronic patients, who know more than you. Are you feeling overwhelmed and pressured to get results? Have you tried all the remedies without success? Are you starting to doubt your ability as a practitioner? Relax and easily learn as you are guided to the answers. Get answers to difficult questions and treatment protocols like lab interpretation, symptom interpretation, Hashimoto’s and autoimmunity.

Why take this course?


Never feel overwhelmed in clinical situations.


Have answers easily at your fingertips.


Combine fundamental homeopathic prescribing with the support of essential supplementation lost from our diet.


Learn how important lifestyle factors are in successfully contributing to a balanced endocrine system.


Help move Herring’s Law in the right direction for deeper healing.


Attract more patients.


Increase your confidence and clinical insights.

What you will get from this course


Homeopathic insight and functional medicine understanding to cure thyroid disease naturally.


Understanding hypothyroid and its progression to Hashimoto’s, including the ever-important causative factors.


Correct interpretation of thyroid labs- a game changer!


Understand the interaction and importance of lifestyle factors in thyroid disease as a basis for developing new root cause NBWS prescribing rules and remedy understanding.


Incorporate other natural supplements with homeopathy to supercharge your thyroid protocols.

Course outline


Hypothyroidism and its causations with progression to Hashimoto’s disease


Understanding thyroid labs to successfully track changes during treatment. Changing lifestyle factors that affect thyroid function to speed healing.


Finding NBWS and successfully prescribing for it.


Other natural supplements complementing homeopathy in thyroid disease.

Don’t just take our word for it:

I first met Dr. De Pontes professionally about 20 years ago. I was living in Africa at the time. I was pretty new to homeopathy, although I had a friend who came out from England to work in Swaziland as a homeopath. She worked with the local people who lived up in the mountains in the south of the country. So, I knew a little bit about homeopathy, but had only ever used Rescue Remedy before.

However, my problem was complex. My husband had just died, and now I was suffering with pneumonia. I was trying to cough out my lungs – was not sleeping (due to depression or the pneumonia I am not sure) – did not want to eat, was driving way too fast, and a whole lot of other weird symptoms.

I went to Anthony, and he asked me many crazy questions. Now as a homeopath myself, I would have thought Ignatia for the grief, or maybe Kali Bich for the cough. No – not with Anthony – he chose Sulphur 200 which in fact turned out to be my constitutional remedy. Within 2 days, I managed to cough up some revolting mucus, and I was better straight away. On both my main symptoms.

I am pleased to admit that I really trust him to help me if I have a difficult case to crack. The repertory result might show me a choice of 4 remedies but nothing stands out for me – so I write Anthony an email and ask him to repertorise the main symptoms on his rep programme. I am using Vithoulkas Compass myself. Anthony is using Radar Opus. And sure enough, between us, I chose one remedy and I get great results for my clients. So now, if I am under the weather with anything at all, I revert to a couple of doses of Sulphur and I am back on track and leading a very full and busy life. I have learnt a lot from him and trust his judgement.

Sue Field

Homeopath Dip IACH - Greece.

Our world is not getting any simpler. Modern ailments affecting our society are complex and more difficult to treat. As a practitioner I believe that in order to help my patients more effectively I need to keep up with expanding knowledge. The course “Understanding hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s from a homeopathic perspective for the patient.” by Dr. Anthony de Pontes is a phenomenal opportunity to explore the newest knowledge about hypothyroid and Hashimoto disease and to learn about homeopathic perspective and treatment protocols of thyroid problems. The course is not only a great source of information for the people who are affected by thyroid problems but also a definite must attend for every modern practitioner.
Bartosz Dziemidowicz


I have several patients with thyroid conditions and I have felt somewhat stuck when it comes to treating them. They remain on their medication and we often talk around this problem addressing other issues they may have. Even after the first session of the Hashimoto/Hypothyroid course I am feeling encouraged and empowered to delve into this with my patients. I look forward to assisting them in changing their diet and lifestyle so they can get some relief from their thyroid condition.

MD - Bermuda


Your instructor

Dr Anthony de Pontes has been in practice for more than 25 years. He is a professional and registered homeopath and functional medicine practitioner. He is passionate about educating his patients and colleagues about what he has learnt through the years of practice. He believes in an integrated approach when dealing with healing, but always with homeopathy at the heart.


One-off cost for lifetime access to the course:

Investment $120


This also includes:

Private Facebook support group for course members to cross pollinate and be able to learn and ask questions. Use it for case studies and getting informed opinions on cases.
One personal zoom session with Dr de Pontes to discuss a thyroid patient.

Frequently asked questions

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have life-long access to the course.

If I have other questions or need advice on patients, is there any support given?

As a course member you will be added to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with other members.

Will I be able to interpret thyroid labs after the course?

Yes, you will confidently be able to interpret thyroid labs and understand the metabolic state of the gland.

Will I be able to get to the root of thyroid disease after this course?

You will have a good understanding of NBWS symptoms and be able to nail the fundamental causation of your patient’s thyroid disease.

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