The Raw Truth of Chronic Disease

In today’s fast paced world, we see a rush in the instant gratification society. We think this will satisfy us, but as soon as we have finished with this task we move onto the next. What is happening? Think about it and be honest – this is exactly what you often feel, but actually you are really searching for peace and satisfaction.

This is happening more frequently, as we are continually in a state of fight and flight with our autonomic nervous systems on high alert. If we look at our health from a rational perspective, we want to be healthy more than anything, but struggle to match the rationale and what is really going on in our bodies.
We stick to society norms and the norms of what we been taught and grown up on, which most of the time is giving up your health and outsourcing it to a third party… namely the doctor which will lead and direct you. Unfortunately, in my opinion, esp. if you are using conventionally trained medical professionals, they are only brilliantly trained to manage disease and don’t have much to offer if you are looking towards boosting or obtaining optimal health.

Not many people have insight into the seriousness of palliation and suppression. These 2 subjects are at the heart of our disease epidemic and chronic disease. They single handedly block the body’s healing ability through destructive emotions, toxic chemical exposure in our environment, poor diet, soil /nutrient deficiency, heavy metals and pharmaceutical medication abuse… yes, I said abuse. I would summise that 80-90 percent of drugs would not be needed if we lived a more balanced lifestyle and used what is called nature cure or basic life practices where we engage with our natural environment in the correct way, adhering to our natural circadian rhythms. More time spent nurturing our bodies, exercise and getting good sleep goes a long way.

What if you have thyroid disease for an extended period, let’s not just look to take away symptoms by refilling the supposed thyroid hormone deficiency, (which is the standard of care that most people are led to believe is the answer) but let me stimulate you with a few questions, like why is your body not producing sufficient thyroid hormone? Since the hormonal system is not a static system what else is affected by this lack of thyroid production? Common sense tells me that if I can restore the body hormonal systems and get it to produce its own hormones this is so much better, cheaper and more effective than trying to use synthetic hormones.

There may be merit in a combination of treatment, to improve symptoms initially by giving thyroid hormones, while feeding and rejuvenating the pathways, raw materials and rebalancing the autonomic nervous system to allow the body to function at optimum. This may even take some time, but we are moving to a situation where the body is again self-sufficient and where the vital force is deemed vibrant and healthy. This should be your ultimate goal to restore not only your thyroid function but also your entire hormonal function. Let’s build a protocol that will support your body to restore itself to make the thyroid strong again.

Consider starting from the other end by getting your body strong and vibrant before checking hormone labs. Get your sleep restored, get your energy back, better manage your stress. Once that is done – and remember this can take several months as your body starts to regenerate and respond, then you can look at getting your specifics restored like thyroid hormone and adrenal hormones.
This is more difficult than you first thought, and most people need help from somebody who is knowledgeable and is able to keep them accountable to themselves and give them gentle encouragement and guidance as to how to reach their goals of better health… esp. when it comes to the thyroid. I say this because it is not just about lab values, but about how you are feeling emotionally, what your energy levels are doing, your nutrition levels, sleep and nurturing for your body to build a strong hormonal system.

It is my experience that this journey will take you at least a year to complete and be able to make the changes you require for health. If you are committed, I tell you this can change your life for the better.
Do you realize your body is designed to heal and cure? You may need to change your expectations of how the healing journey will transpire and the timeframe it will take, but it is so worth it to have your health back… you don’t realize it until you lose it.

I also say that the journey never unfolds in the manner that we think, because your health is actually a journey of self-discovery… not being tied to a system but being able to feel powerful, vibrant, energetic fulfilled and free. I don’t suppose you ever thought about it this way, but give your body the chance it deserves and start finding and living your purpose.

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