I have been a patient of Dr. De Pontes since July of 2023. (I happened to find Dr. De Pontes through social media. I followed him for a quite a while before I decided to engage with him.) I have lived with decades of thyroid imbalance complicated by Hashimotos thyroiditis. I had about given up hope that I would ever feel any better or function normally again.
I am thankful for Zoom and being able to be treated by him even though I am on the other side of the globe! Because he specializes in thyroid and autoimmunity issues I felt that he was an excellent fit to meet my needs.
Dr. De Pontes was up front with me from the beginning and let me know that it might take up to a year for me to start feeling better. I am happy to report that since starting this journey with him I have noticed steady progress.
Sometimes improvements are small while other times I am making pretty significant strides. Even though there are days that I have become discouraged I remind myself that it took many years to get where I am so it will take more than a few weeks or even months to undo much of the decades of damage.
One thing that I have found invaluable is his “tandem work” of addressing physical symptoms and emotional/mental aspects at the same time. This addresses me as a whole person and not segmenting me out which has typically happened when I have sought treatment in the past.
If you were like me and rather “at your wit’s ends” with your thyroid journey and health then I would recommend working with Dr. De Pontes. He genuinely cares that his patients heal in body, mind, and spirit.

Lisa C. - Online Patient

After many desperate attempts at sorting out my health, I approached Dr de Pontes. I had heard of his success with Hashi’s patients and unique approach from a friend. I was desperate. Initially I was surprised, as he did not immediately address my diet or meds, as many other practitioners had done in the past. He got straight to the point and asked when I began to feel sick. It did not take me long to remember… I had not felt well since my sister’s tragic death, then shortly after that I had marital problems. There were many emotions I had not worked through. Guilt, anger, forgiveness and my inability to say what I need or feel. He explained that the medicine and diet could not be as effective if I did not deal with the root cause. This is where my treatment began! I have begun to release many of the emotions I felt a prisoner to, and am changing my thought patterns. I am in a better routine with diet, exercise and the treatment protocol. I have begun to see light at the end of the tunnel. I am not so tired, oversensitive, I’ve lost some weight and have way more energy. My hair has begun to grow back and I feel like I have a new lease on life. I know I still have a way to go, but I am committed to this treatment for the long haul. I cannot wait to see where I will be in a year from now. I am so grateful to Dr de Pontes.


I don’t think I could have higher praise for Dr. Anthony. In the last year of being under his care, I truly feel like a new human emotionally. Once paralyzed by fear + anxiety, more than a bit melancholy and often feeling like I was living under a cloud, I can now say that those days feel like a distant memory. I also have seen tremendous physical changes as well. My thyroid has also leveled out, I have hair growth again, my cycles are much easier and I no longer feel like I have to make sure everyone is okay all the time which would disrupt sleep (which used to often run my life).

Dr. Anthony was really my first introduction into homeopathy and I couldn’t have had a better first meeting. Homeopathy has changed my life so much that I want to pursue being a homeopath! It speaks volumes about a doctor when their patient wants to pursue what they do because it has been that life-changing for them. I chose him because of his faith and the way he integrates it into everything he does. His background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Homeopathy is such a powerful combination and then to make God the center of it all is such a gift! Here you will find a wealth of information, compassion and answers. Anthony has guided my family members through constitutional care but also last minute acutes and I am so thankful we know him!


Shelby Bennin – Online Patient

I have a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s and have taken replacement thyroid RX for over 20 years.  My path through the medical maze is unremarkable – probably similar to the ones each reader has walked. 

Conventional doctors failed to help anything but lab reports.  I’ve been fired for insisting on a T3 component.  Naturopaths and chiropractors beefed me up on expensive supplements I’d never be able to end.  I’ve spent years on restrictive diets only to find that an accidental tomato-ing or the stray almond highlighted my lack of healing.  The acupuncturist told me not to come back because my only issue was stress – working too hard.  He said that I’m “too much in my own head.”  No kidding – welcome to Hashimoto’s!  Homeopaths helped lab numbers and symptoms, but only for a time.  And certainly, there was no hope in sight of stopping conventional thyroid medications.  I think my bodyworker is the only practitioner to consistently and successfully bring about relief and change in my body and psyche.  She implored me for years to have a frenectomy explaining the link between my restrictions and a Moro reflex and being stuck in a sympathetic charge.  But the idea of a laser to my tongue was not appealing, and I wasn’t truly confident in what she was saying.  Not for me, anyway.  I’ve done ice baths, consumed a million grams of fat, gotten the morning and evening light, intermittent fasted, burst trained, Bright Line ate, sweat in saunas – steam and infrared, – meditated in yoga, and stretched to the core in Pilates.  And I love Jesus.  My Bible is well-worn and my knees have thick skin.

Along the way, many of these practitioners would mention the idea of suppressed emotions or hidden trauma.  I never grasped this.  I am an open book.  You want to know about my trauma?  I’ll share every detail.  Want to know the complexity of emotions surrounding all of it?  Pull up a chair.  There wasn’t anything hidden or suppressed.  Jesus has, in fact, absolutely healed my previous traumas.  I know because I was there for the healing!

Still – I always have had a disconnect between my physical healing and my spiritual life.  I get worked up into a frenzy of worst-case scenario and I am unable to align calming down of my mind and my body at the same time.  The only way I could avoid panic and distress was to have a life void of panic and distress.

Finally, I’ve realized something new and the healing is happening at a million miles an hour.  My homeopath gave a remedy my body clearly needed.  I took it before bed.  I awoke in the greatest state of panic I’ve ever experienced.  I could only sit in the chair.  My children remarked how calm I was.  Nope.  I was catatonic.  Paralyzed with anxiety.  I tried all my tools.  A fourth dilution.  Scalar energy gadget.  Peppermint.  Prayer.  Intense walking.  Calling a friend.  Crying.  Praying.  Nothing could relieve my anxiety.  I sent a basket-case email to my (relatively new-to-me) homeopath.  He responded to set an appointment.

In the space between my panic and the appointment, my husband encouraged me to gain peace by trusting the Lord rather than having medical clarity.  The homeopath also sent me a separate email with some Scripture asserting the goodness and care of the Lord.  I finally got out of my panicked state by logically explaining my symptoms to myself.  No reliance on the Lord.  No trusting in Him.  Just my regular habit of medical clarity.

The morning of my appointment, I allowed myself to wish – for just a second – that I could not be somebody so easily swayed to panic.  I asked my husband if he thinks I’m a fearful person.  He said no, but I am anxious – and I’ve been that way since he’ s known me (he met me as a child – a few years after my alcoholic father tragically died).  I asked him if he thought I had hidden trauma or suppressed emotions or lacked any healing over the hurt of my past traumas.  He said no, of course not.  He has been there and seen Jesus heal me – heal us – from those things.  But, he said, I do have patterns of thinking because of my dad dying.  I automatically go to worst-case scenario.  I automatically allow myself to spin faster and faster and faster out of control into an anxious state.

A few hours later, I met with my homeopath.  The time with him was really more than a medical appointment.  He approached me as a sister in the Lord.  He did pause and say he could give me a remedy to help me get out of the state if I wanted, but he got the sense I wanted more.  I told him yes, I want the things of eternal value.  So, we proceeded with our discussion.  He asked me if he told me I was wearing a white shirt, but the Bible told me I had a blue shirt, which would I believe.  Blue, of course.  Why, then, do I not believe the other things in the Bible?  We went on to have an excellent discussion about what God has for me.  Suffering, yes, but I was able to share times of suffering in my past that were imbibed with the peace of the Lord – so it was not unbearable or hopeless suffering.  As we went further in the discussion, I explained my inability to get myself out of a sympathetic charge.  I could pray and read the Bible, but that only helped my head not my body.  I could walk and deep breath, but that only helped my body not my head.  There was a chasm between the two I couldn’t seem to integrate.  I shared the insights my husband had about me.  The homeopath emphasized I should listen well to my husband – He is a gift and provision from God, after all.

At the end of the session, the homeopath encouraged me to approach God and see what I may need to move forward.  What might I need to align the mind and the body, to trust Him fully, and to decide if I could continue with the prescribed remedy.

The rest of the day, I pondered and prayed.  I finally realized two things:

1.  I did not, in fact, have any suppressed emotions or hidden traumas.  What I had were patterns of thinking that developed as compensations to previous traumas.  Those patterns had served me well in various situations, but I didn’t need them anymore.  I have the Lord and I can fully rely on Him.  He does not have a worst-case scenario for me.  He has the opposite – He has a best-case scenario for me!  That’s Biblical!

2.  We grow and learn from suffering.  This is a Biblical fact.  We must suffer.  But what I identified as suffering was so limited.  I wrongly thought suffering only included big huge traumas like my dad dying, my sons dying, being fired, etc.  It does not!  Suffering is a far broader scope – and I had access to its benefits all day!  I’d been missing that!

Since these realizations, I’ve done two things:

1.  I scheduled a frenectomy and I’ve been seeing my body worker weekly to prepare.  I do not want to live in a sympathetic charge.  I am removing all barriers to that lovey para-sympathetic state!

2.  I am re-patterning my thinking.  Several times, anxiety has cropped up out of nowhere.  Rather than automatically punching my ticket for the ride, I’ve decided no, I’m not getting on.  I will not seek medical clarity about this.  I will focus on trusting the Lord who has His best for me.  Rather than spin with worst-case scenarios, I create best-case scenarios!  For example, perhaps a current symptom requiring B vitamins is happening so that I’ll have B vitamins in me because I’m going to naturally conceive another precious baby this year!
In taking the moment to make this choice, I have been able to somehow align my mind and body to calm and persist in being calm and banish the cycle of anxiety in that moment!  Granted, this has only been happening less than two months.  But that’s two months more than ever in my life.  This is the path I’m treading now.

I hope this encourages any reader.  Healing is from the Lord.  He can use any modality He wishes.  But He has good things for His children.  The best things.

K. – Online Patient

Auto Immune Disease

We (myself and children) have visited Dr de Pontes a number of times over the last few years since moving to the lowveld. He has been phenomenal every time. He always gets to the source of the issue instead of just treating the symptoms. He has his patients best interests at heart, assessing every emotional, mental and physical aspect so that the solutions are that of an overall holistic betterment. He has been a true support in our journey to wellness.


Dr Anthony De Pontes is humble with good doctor-patient relationship. He’s professional, strategic, has good listening skills. Encourages openness and supports his patients accordingly. His staff members are welcoming, kind and helpful to the clients. The environment is clean well arranged with helpful information on strategic places. I visited his surgery on the 3rd June 2020 after I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome in July 2017. I had many complains and some of my investigation high. I was told there was no cure. Doctor De Pontes gave me hope, he said my immune system will be back to normal. He communicates his assessment and management according to his plan. Now I’ve improved with less complains and lab investigations improved too.

Malibe Eunice

A great many people may share a rather diminutive opinion of the real medical value of Homeopathy. I was possibly one of these, tending to rely on the “quick fix” of mainstream medicine, without further thought to possible side effects or long term irreversible effects of these procedures. One day, several years ago, I developed symptoms which required draconian interventions in my opinion. I was advised by several medical practitioners that this was the only remedy and they clamoured to get me to commit to this. To cut a long story short, I decided to look at other alternatives and in the process made the acquaintance of Dr De Pontes. From the outset he displayed a true concern for my situation and was sure that he could treat the illness through Homoeopathy. Never did he give me false hope or try to pretend that he could cure the symptoms with a couple of pills. That it has possibly taken a longer period of time, in that many facets have had to be dealt with individually, the overall outcome has been very successful. I would unreservedly recommend Dr De Pontes as a person and as a medical practitioner. The quick fixes of today’s medical fraternity hold no match to the holistic approach of Homoeopathy.


I can attest to the fact that Dr. De Pontes is truly invested and cares about his patients. My husband started under his care for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Dr. De Pontes set realistic expectations and at the same time provided hope. During the journey, my husband hit an all-time low with depression. Being new to homeopathy, I had no idea how homeopathic remedies along with Emotion Code could uproot chronic emotional states. Dr. De Pontes was right by our side per say, we live in the United States, checking in on us while we walked through this valley. Within a few weeks under Dr. De Pontes care, depression and suicidal thoughts were gone. This is huge. During our journey I have very much appreciated his compassion, guidance and relentlessness to find the right modality for true holistic healing. Dr. De Pontes has also helped my teenage son and myself.

D. Online patient


Dr De Pontes introduced me to the technology and the benefit was only realized when I could not loose weight no matter what I tried…the monitoring aspect of the ESTEK was able to indicate why my prescription was not working. We concentrated on the insulin resistance and I’m now feeling wonderful with no more mood swings and have started to loose weight.


I have been on chronic medicine for diabetes, asthma, blood pressure for years, and all the time feeling breathless tired and nervous. All the doctors I have ever been to have lead me to believe that I will need to stay on all the medication indefinitely without improvement. Using the ESTEK monitoring feature I was able to see huge improvements in my cardiovascular scores, I’m feeling better and breathing better as well.


Gastro Intestinal

I had a stomach problem for over 3 and a half months. Prior to coming to Dr Anthony De Pontes, I was prescribed Antibiotics and told eventually that I would have to swallow the camera to see what the problem was. This was costly as well as being in COVID time, decided against it and decided to consult with Dr De Pontes. I was given medication all natural and within two weeks managed to get it under control with his knowledge and experience he saw the issue and was fantastic at getting to the root of the problem I highly recommend him as a Homeopathic Practitioner.

Angela Bartman


Being 46 years old, has come with a surprise or two. One of which, was a subtle change in my hormones which has begun to creep up on me. I did not realise that my moods, sleeping habits, sex drive and memory were a result of hormone change. I put the changes down to stress at work. I decided to go visit Dr de Pontes after these symptoms got worse. Shockingly, I found out that I was perimenopausal and I was treated homeopathically. Within a week I found that I was able to function better. My sleep patterns improved, energy levels changed and sex drive improved. I felt I was able to speak about how I felt more easily and handle difficult situations in a calmer manner. I felt understood and found that Dr de Pontes took his time in getting to the root of the problem. I feel like a have a new lease on life and know who to trust in future with any ailments that may pop up


I’ve been working with Dr. De Pontes for a few months now, and his expertise and knowledge have accelerated my healing. He has been a God-send!
My primary symptoms were chronic neck and headache pain, hormonal imbalance, and years of emotional suppression. With the first session, Dr De Pontes strongly suspected cavitations from the bioresonance scan results.
Eventually, I found a holistic oral surgeon several hours from me, who confirmed and diagnosed the osteonecrosis in my jawbone which had been plaguing me for thirty years!
Dr. De Pontes prescribed homeopathy to support my body’s healing after the surgeon’s cavitation removal and tissue restoration. Finally after years of suffering, I can turn my head left and right with no pain! I work at a computer without flare-ups in neck and arm pain! I can participate in sports or yard work without flare-ups! I wake up in the morning without chronic pain!
Dr. De Pontes has also helped me unravel emotional blocks with several Emotion Code sessions. This is a powerful combination with the prescribed homeopathics.
I feel lighter, happier, and more at ease. Praise God!

C Ellis -Online Patient


My name is Colleen O’Farrell and I am 61 years old It is never easy putting life’s dramas into words with all its ups and downs. I started working when I was 15 years olds always stiffing to give a 110% as 100% was never enough as my life pasted me by in work and more work until I was 59. I found myself alone and sick beyond what I could understand with doctors telling me I should be dead with a blood pressure of 305 a kidney that was dying through a blockage and a heart attack. Doctors wanted to put me in ICU to control my blood pressure and then remove my kidney, I knew that I could not let this happen but how to change it how to understand what was happening to me, me that never got sick, how to come to terms with this unforeseen illness that hit me like a ton of bricks in a space of months. I was sure I was dying and would not see my 60th birthday when I heard about a Homeopath medical center in my home town which is where I met Dr Anthony De Pontes, I was a wreck and on the verge of giving up when Dr De Pontes did his test and asking a lot of questions of which I had not been asked by my doctors years and years of my drama filled life just came pouring out without me even realizing that it was the first time I had told anyone let alone a doctor what happened to me. Believe me I don’t like doctors and i hated all the medication I was told I had to take and then another pill for another problem cause by the first load of pills. I wanted it to end and came very close to ending it myself as my health just got worse when Dr De Pontes sat me down and explained what was happening to me and most importantly why it was happening frankly I was blown away and cried like a baby because here was someone that understood without me having to tell him. For the first time in my 60 years I understood by I worked myself nearly to death and why every court up with me all at once. It has been a year now and I have never felt better and more alive, my kidney is doing well, (odd way of putting it but true) My Doctor who always makes himself available to help and do research concerning my problems helped me understand my health problem and how it was linked to my body and mind. In saying this I cannot change the world but I can tell my story in order to help others through a doctor of alternative homeopath medication/therapy and his caring which saved my life and changed my life for the better.

Colleen O’Farrell


Good morning Dr and rest of the team. Firstly, I’m impressed with the quality of service that I received from your receptionists, it’s professional, helpful and friendly. Secondly, your treatment show improvement in my conditions. I’m going to start the third and last phase of your second round of treatment tomorrow. After I complete that, I will inform you accordingly. I thank you and your team again for your interest in my wellbeing. Appreciate it.


I have been a diabetic for 15 years and have suffered with non healing ulcers, which no doctor has been able to help me with. The ESTEK was able to localize that it was the sympathetic nervous system that was causing the problem, which was aggravated by my habitual coffee drinking. I look forward to seeing the improvement with this small change.


God opened the door for me to communicate face to face to my stepmother about the emotional abuse I endured as a child/teen because of her. I walked through two years of counseling, and worked hard at forgiving her, and moving on, but didn’t know the impact of speaking it TO her. (I believe the counseling helped me to speak to her in a respectful way) After telling her what she did to me was wrong, my body went haywire. The only way I can describe it is my electrical system of my body went crazy. Insomnia, panic attacks, my eyesight in left eye was blurry, right eye in pictures was bulging out, nausea, dizziness. Never having these issues before, and it all happened after speaking to her, I knew it had to be connected but I couldn’t connect it.

I contacted Dr. De Pontes in July 2023. We talked and he explained how he thought it was my adrenals, my Parasympathetic system. He said I was living in flight/fright for so long, my body was only surviving. My liver couldn’t work properly and do what it was created to do. My body wasn’t working. After carrying the baggage for 30 years then releasing it, my body was trying to find its new normal.

We started treatment. I was all in. The next week, I slept and WOKE UP early! I have never been a morning person and could sleep 8 hours, roll over and fall back asleep for two more, & wake up feeing like a Mack truck hit my face. I’ve never woken up READY to get out of bed. It was beautiful to wake up early, naturally and do a morning Bible study. I would normally feel shamed because I physically couldn’t get up early, finally, I had a victory. The insomnia stopped. Panic attacks have stopped. Took about a month and a half for my eyesight to return to normal. I’ve even lost 5 pounds.
I didn’t realize the stress I carrying. I didn’t know that how I was living wasn’t normal.
After speaking to my stepmother, my body started to regulate and then signaled as to what it needed to heal emotionally and physically.

I now feel when something emotionally is off I am able to express it. Able to not withdraw, not internalize and not push through, alone. I have the words, my body signals me and I intentionally slow down to pay attention to it.

Finding a new normal, healing from heartbreak, and finding who God made ME, not who I created to be “safe.”
I’m thankful for the gift God has placed in Dr. De Pontes and the road that led me to his practice. So very Thankful.


The honest raw truth about the power of homeopathy I went to Dr de Pontes four years ago, I was extremely anxious, depressed and was close to a nervous breakdown. I was on allopathic psychosis medication for anxiety, namely Urbanol, Alzam, Fluoxatine, Paroxatine, I was overweight due to all of the medication, and eventually I got serotonin syndrome. I tried everything and was at ends meet. My mother took me to him due to her strong belief in homeopathy. Dr de Pontes weened me of my allopathic mental drugs and replaced them with powerful herbs and homeopathy. After sticking strictly to his herbs and homeopathy I became the anxious free, strong woman I am today. I lost 22kg without even trying. He assisted with Chinese natural acupuncture which made a huge difference on my system and created immense calmness and inner healing. Dr de Pontes have helped me with various ailments such as, anxiety, depression, detoxification, digestive problems, brain fog, sport injuries such as my knee, he assisted me with the lower back pain I had after giving birth due to my epidural I received and even assisted with my C-section scar. Dr de Pontes always gives his undivided attention to me making sure he gets to the root of my problems and illnesses. Most of our illness comes from our emotional state, this is where Dr de Pontes is an absolute expert in his trade, he helps you dig deep and to find the origin of your emotional imbalance which triggers our physical illness. Dr de Pontes is an excellent homeopath. He has extremely modern technologies which he uses to make sure you get proper treatment and diagnosis. Meeting him has changed my life, my perception and my ability to belief in myself again. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves with the correct guidance of natural remedies such as homeopathy and acupuncture. Our bodies and systems were created with a beautiful, super intelligence to be able to heal themselves. But unfortunately, with today’s modern day stress, poor diet and exposure to all sort of toxins it has become more difficult, but by the help of Dr de Pontes we have restored my body’s rhythm. If you are serious about your health, get in touch with this amazing doctor. Remember, health is the new wealth.


Malignancy / Cancer

The beginning of this year I discovered that I have stage 3 Melanoma. I was shocked because I always regarded myself as a healthy person. I was referred to a government hospital, Groote Schuur, in Cape town where I had surgery done to remove the melanoma on my back. When I woke up I discovered that the glands under my armspits have also been removed. The Dr. suggested that I receive chemo and radiation, but they failed to schedule an appointment for me this year (as a result of Covid) and made an appointment only for next year March. Although I am not pro chemo or radiation, not receiving treatment made me very anxious. During lockdown we moved to Nelspruit. My daughter suggested that I should go and see Dr. Anthony De Pontes. I am so grateful that I made the decision to see him. Dr. De Pontes looks at your overall health and his treatment is not only focusses on the physical side, but the mental side as well. I started a series of treatments which includes ozone treatments and his prescribed treatments. I’ve since then had two rounds of blood test done and I am very pleased with the results so far. I’m feeling great and extremely positive that the treatments are working for me. Our family friend, who is a GP, had a look at my blood tests and compared my initial test with my last test. She is also very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Anthony and am grateful that our paths crossed, even more so that I did not receive the suggested treatment from Groote Schuur. The cherry on top is the wonderful support I receive from him and his staff who always follow up on how I am feeling.

Stuart McLean


“It’s difficult to identify just one benefit I have experienced in seeing Dr. de Pontes.
I first came to him via telehealth from the US to address my digestive issues, not only did we address and improve that, we improved my mental health in the process.
I went from taking prescription anti-depressants and carrying a benzodiazepine with me at all times for anxiety attacks to never needing a refill of either. Furthermore, I experienced hormone Imbalance after my second child was born that caused irritability, sweating and body odour; the supplements he prescribed improved that immensely as well.
I am so thankful God brought me to seeing Dr. de Pontes. Not only for me but for my husband and son who see him (and of course have seen great improvement in their health as well)!”

Amanda Havelange - Online patient since 2021

Dr Anthony has been an absolute blessing to me.
A simple testimonial is not enough to describe him and his work.
Having no idea what to expect but trusting him completely has been and continues to be life changing!
Being completely honest and vulnerable is what allowed me to become healthier in my life.
His knowledge, patience and strong guidance (when needed), kindness and compassion are just a few of his amazing characteristics.
I’ve been on a life journey for the last year that was rough. And he walked me through every step with grace and dignity. Helping and allowing me to heal at my pace.
I did the work, but he was the driving force.
Even though we are worlds apart, I live in Iowa it has been the best decision I’ve made in the last 5 years to transfer my care to his humble hands.

Dori G. Iowa

For the longest time I was interested in getting homeopathic care but the decision of who to choose as my practitioner was overwhelming. I followed several functional Drs/homeopaths on Facebook and was drawn to Dr Anthony because he regularly posts really informative and easy to understand posts and his knowledge of both functional and homeopathic medicine was impressive and gave me the confidence that he could help me with my current condition and beyond. I had an initial 15 minute free chat with Dr Anthony and knew I felt comfortable to work with him. His approach is kind, compassionate but also clear and direct in trying to build a picture of you as a whole person and your journey in life up to that point so he can understand how to help you best.

Before our first consultation I filled in a comprehensive form. This took some time but is an essential part of building a whole picture. When I had my first consultation with Dr Anthony in the summer of 2022 I knew I was in crisis physically. I had been having gallstone attacks at increasing frequency for the previous year and at the time of my consult had a bile duct obstruction and was feeling very unwell. What we uncovered was that I had also been in crisis emotionally for quite some time. Dr Anthony put together a homeopathic programme for me, alongside nutritional suggestions and also suggested I try and find a TCM acupuncturist. Within a few days the bile duct obstruction shifted so that I did not require medical intervention. I was so relieved and encouraged. My gallstone attacks eased and I began to believe I could heal from this and removal of my gallbladder was not the only option. I had a couple of hiccups when I had an intensely stressful and upsetting situation but Dr Anthony was just a zoom call away to provide appropriate remedy suggestions to help the acute situation and provide encouragement that I was still healing. I have since had a full year with no gallstone symptoms or attacks at all, something I would not have thought possible when I was at my worst. I have also made huge steps in processing past disappointments, grief, resentment and anger – all emotions that were impacting my mental and physical health negatively. I am feeling in better health now than I have in years. I continue to work with Dr Anthony to guide and support my (and my family’s) ongoing health and especially at times of crisis or when an acute illness presents itself. I feel we have an established professional relationship now, despite living 5000+ miles apart, in which he knows me as a whole person and I can book a consultation and we can pick up from where we left off to address whatever arises. Because of this I feel less fearful of the future because I know I have his expertise to guide me and I know it works!

If you are hesitating to reach out – my advice is – don’t hesitate! Book a free 15-minute consultation for an initial chat and see how you feel. I find the zoom meetings easy and convenient and certainly if I am unwell the last thing I want to do is drive or travel and so I can have a consultation in the comfort of my own home which is perfect.

I think it is vital you find a practitioner to work with whom you trust and who believes in you and encourages you as this empowers you to embrace and take ownership of your own healing journey. Dr Anthony truly cares for his patients. He is passionate about helping people not only heal and improve their physical and emotional health, but also to fulfill their life potential and appreciate all that is good in life. Dr Anthony truly is a blessing in every sense of the word and I am so thankful to God for giving him the passion, knowledge, determination and direction in life to help others. Thank you Dr Anthony for the huge part you have played in getting my health and life back on track!



We started working with Dr. de Pontes in May of 2022. We already gravitated towards more holistic ways of living, but were thrown into full throttle after our daughter was born with a rare genetic condition that manifests as daily seizures, sleep problems, GI problems, and developmental delays.

The western medicine doctors we started with gave us zero hope that things would ever be different and immediately tried to throw us onto multiple seizure medications with extremely serious side effects and no promise of relief. After feeling bullied into putting her on one medication for a month, it was confirmed this was not the route we wanted to take.

We were with a different homeopathic doctor originally, and ended up finding Dr. Anthony through the Ask a homeopathic 24/7 group. I am so incredibly thankful to have found him!

I know it can be scary for people to try different treatment options when the loudest voice is often western medicine and big pharma, but it is SO worth the journey. We have seen our daughter do things her original doctors left us with no hope she would ever be able to do.

It’s definitely not an overnight fix, but she has been given life back into her days versus being a numb version of herself. We are so grateful for the time Dr. Anthony dedicates to our daughter’s case and his willingness to walk the complicated road with us. It’s rare to find a doctor who cares enough and is patient enough to dig past the surface and get to the root cause of what’s wrong in the body.

We were given hope that there is an ability for our daughter’s body to heal in different ways when given the right tools, and we will forever be thankful that we crossed paths with Dr. Anthony so that he could help us find the right tools for her.

Thank you, thank you!

S.G - Online patient

I began working with Dr de Pontes about 6 years ago. I had been suffering with grand mal epilepsy for 30 years since my teenage years after sustaining a head injury in an accident.

I was told I would be on anti-epileptic drugs for the rest of my life. The drugs affected my daily performance and concentration very badly. I could not remember names or faces and my short term memory was terrible, often leaving me embarrassed and hence me becoming withdrawn.

A friend referred me to Dr de Pontes, and I was so desperate for some change I decided that I couldn’t lose anything by trying the natural route. Dr de Pontes has literally changed my life. After a year of treatment my seizures stopped. The treatment is ongoing and I feel better in other areas of my life too. I know I will always have to continue on this treatment, as I feel unstable when I stop, but these are natural, healthy supplements and different homeopathic remedies, which do not have any negative effects on my body, mind or wellbeing.

I am so grateful to have discovered Dr de Pontes’ gift. He does not stop until he gets to the root of the problem. He is like a “dog with a bone”, until he cracks it! Subsequently he has begun to treat my wife, who has thyroid issues, and he has helped her so much too! We are both eternally grateful!

Thank you!

Wayne D.


I found Dr. Anthony in the Facebook Group “Ask a Homeopath 247” when I was searching for answers on how to help my two sons, ages 3 and 4, with behavioral issues that were becoming more prominent. My youngest was becoming increasingly ill-tempered and defiant, and we were put on a performance plan with our daycare. My 4 year old was becoming increasingly disruptive, always had to be making noise with his mouth or body, defiant, and also was put on a performance plan with our daycare. “ADHD” was hinted at to me, also medication, in order for us to alleviate their behaviors to keep them in school. These were behaviors that we had not seen consistently just growing worse by the day, and I was looking for ways on how to help them without medication.

Dr. Anthony’s posts about behavioral disorders and how he has helped others encouraged me to reach out to him. It has been the best thing that we could have done for our children. He immediately put us on a parasite cleanse and identified miasms that months later my mother confirmed were part of our family’s medical history. His remedies have made an immediate impact on my children. Every time my youngest gets his remedies, it’s like putting an ‘update’ chip into his brain. He immediately reacts, his mind racing and his verbal expression explodes. He went from newly 3 years old, working really hard to communicate to being able to fully express himself in just 4 months. His comprehension, attention span, and behavior has been night and day.

My oldest has calmed down, is able to connect and focus at school, and is no longer considered a disruptive child. Both boys are leading their class in academics, my oldest is now first to read in his pre-kindergarten program. We recently had family and friends over the holidays we hadn’t seen since summer (before we started with Dr. Anthony) tell us that these are different children than they saw before. My oldest is calm, wants to engage and be part of the conversation, sitting still – this was something that was unusual and is now part of daily life.

We are so grateful to have found Dr. Anthony and have this opportunity to truly help our children lead happy, healthy lives.

Jaqueline S. Online patient

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