Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions/Disclaimers:

Depending on your line of business you may want to have a disclaimer at the bottom of each page. Or you may want to have a separate page with your terms and conditions. You can also attach that here and I will create another page for that as well.

Terms and Conditions of Working Together:

By booking a consultation with Dr Anthony de Pontes you agree to the terms listed below.


When booking your consultation please check you have chosen the right time zone. I am in South Africa (GMT+2) so I may be working at different times than you expect.


Please give 24 hours’ notice of cancellation of your consultation.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged.

The Consultation:

The Consultation will take place at the time indicated. If you arrive late at the meeting, we will still have to finish at the correct time so that I am ready for my next client. You will be charged the full consultation rate.

For video consultations, I will send you a link to join the video meeting. If for any reason it does not work, we will find another way to communicate. Please check your emails before your consultation is about to begin.

I might ask you for more information or photographs, we can discuss this as required during your consultation. This may be required to help determine the right remedy and treatment protocols.

Contact Between Consultations:

This will be discussed at your consultation. I might ask for email updates in-between consultations if needed.


I will send you a prescription for your remedies after our consultation. I will also send you a contact of where to purchase them. You can purchase the remedies from other sources if you have them.

Emergency/First Aid consultations:

We will discuss taking other remedies during your treatment. First Aid/Emergency consultations can also be booked in between consultations if you have an acute symptom you need help with.

Homeopathy and Functional Medicine alongside mainstream Healthcare:

Homeopathy works well alongside mainstream healthcare programs and medications. You will not be asked to come off medications during your treatment. You may be asked to go for additional health checks to see if your medications are still required.

Homeopathy and Functional Medicine is not instead of Accident and Emergency Care:

If you need emergency health care, please contact your doctor or emergency services.

Emergency Service:

I cannot provide an emergency service. If you need emergency care, please contact the emergency services.


I will not share your details with anyone. I am registered and abide by data protection laws in South Africa. I am affiliated and registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.


When you book a consultation with me, I will add your email address to my own client list so that I can contact you about your consultations, about news and courses, and about learning more about homeopathy and functional medicine. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time.

Health Notes:

I am required by law to keep your consultation notes for 7 years. These will not be shared with anyone unless the law requires me to submit information for the protection of life.

The Consultation:

Everything discussed at each consultation is confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else unless I have your specific instruction to discuss your information with other health professionals.

Code of Conduct:

I abide by the homeopathic Code of Ethics.

Local Jurisdiction

I abide by the jurisdiction, regulations and the laws of South Africa.  Please note that this may be different from the laws of the country in which you (the customer) abide.


The use of Internet, video calls, messenger, emails or telephone calls: I will take every precaution reasonable possible to ensure the privacy of your information, but it cannot be guaranteed across these technologies.


If you have not paid beforehand, I will send an invoice via Paypal to you on the day of your consultation – to be settled within 24 hrs.


In the rare case of a refund for whatever reason agreed upon, you will be liable for the Paypal fees incurred. A 15% handling fee will also be charged.


Vouchers can be used to offset against the full price of a single consultation but cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Consultation Packages:

I offer a series of discounts for prepaid packages. Please click here for details.


I use Zoom, WhatsApp or Messenger for Video calls. I use email for contact between consultations.