Oh, to the Thyroid Answer!

This blog is being written due to the experiences, expectations, misinformation and failures I have seen with patients in clinic, virtually and FB interactions. This is to help you broaden your horizon specifically when it comes to autoimmune thyroid disease and generally showing the process the body ‘SHOULD FOLLOW’ when attempting to heal.

This is a move away from allopathic western medicine prescribing, where the body is forced to perform in a certain way due to a specific drug, i.e. proton pump inhibitor to prevent heartburn.

Instead, my approach uses the body’s reserves to change up the metabolism, detoxify, release emotions, regenerate during proper sleep, become unaddicted to medicinal drugs, restore consciousness and vitality.

It involves using and implementing well known medicinal laws of healing, including Herrings law of cure, and the more scientific practice of homeotoxicology to determine which phase of destruction, detoxification or healing your body is in.

Disease is seen as the defence against toxins internally, environmentally and emotionally, and the symptoms you present with is the body’s way of dealing with the toxic load, whether it be toxins in the liver due to chemicals you ingested or emotional toxins you ‘ingested ‘ by not being able to control your anger, or even the inflammation caused in your body due to insufficient sleep and recovery. Either way, the body has to deal with it.

So, using symptoms we are able to see what is happening in the body, and can address the symptoms with the appropriate stimulation (homeopathic remedy, herbal). The symptoms also are able to tell us how severe the situation is. i.e., a rhinitis (runny nose with clear mucus is less severe than a runny nose with infected mucus and a fever). It will take less energy and resources for the body to heal this as opposed to the rhinitis with infected sputum and a fever.

When looking at thyroid disease it is good to start with possible causations that have led to the illness or diagnosis, the most common causes being:

  • Viral infection- EBV
  • Hormone dysregulation from use of contraceptives or and hormone replacement therapy, dysregulation due to excess cortisone use,
  • Heavy metal toxicity’s -mercury
  • Halogen toxicity – bromine from anti-depressants and bread enhancers, fluoride from fluoridated water
  • Allergy and food intolerances which lead to auto immune illness
  • Deficiencies of specific thyroid nutrients like selenium, iodine vitamin B2
  • Destruction of gut microbiome and ability to make neurochemicals

By the way, western medicine will hardly ever look into these causations, but rather just look to supplement with thyroid synthetic drugs…only dealing with symptoms and never getting to the root cause, and never being able to offer a true healing or cure.

Once all the basic causative factors have been addressed and released, detoxified or supplemented for, then the basic vitality in the body has improved, better energy gained, better coping with daily life is achieved, less emotional symptoms are present, more drive and motivation is noticed and we are well on the way to healing.

What time frame does this take to occur you may ask? Well, as every case is individualized, it depends on how may causative factors befall you, how long you have been struggling, what hereditary traits/taints you hold and how willing you are to embrace change and healing. That being said, you can look at anything from 4 months to 2 years for this process to be fully complete.

At this point, we have addressed all the internal toxins and environmental issues. You have been on constitutional homeopathic treatment for an acceptable, maybe even extended period, hopefully you have also taken some supplements to support and fill in the gaps for our poor nutritional and toxic food supply.

I hope to have also helped to transform your life with some health education going forward on how to navigate this wild 21st century from a natural health perspective. There are so many health practices that we take for granted and take as essential which are in fact dangerous and detrimental to your wellbeing. Examples include toxic house cleansers, dental mercury, root canals, fluoridated water, unnecessary antibiotic use, (which in my mind is almost never necessary), vaccine adjuncts and excess and improper use of cell phones.

You are now feeling so much better, you may even be cured and have a new lease on life, and this is probably true for all of those patients who do not suffer from autoimmune illness. Before you get a little disappointed that natural medicinal approaches are unable to address these auto immune issues, we must be certain that we have fully addressed the emotional causes of disease, of which I think 80% of illness stems from, but in autoimmune disease I am convinced that 100% of the emotional causation in emotional or traumatic incidents needs to be addressed to have it resolved.

Not many patients are aware of this component, as western medicine has never adequately addressed it, and the protocols to release the shock and trauma from the body are little known, and practiced even less. Today we have been led to believe that the correct way to handle emotional problems is either to bury it or go and talk about it at the psychologist – something called counselling. To my mind both of these approaches are temporary fixes at best. When you have shock, trauma and possibly PTSD, these experiences are hard wired into our nervous system, and by discussing them, it does not heal the situation. The body relives these experiences each time we are stressed and in a sympathetic dominant state. To resolve and to heal the stress and trauma that precipitated the autoimmune condition, the sympathetic state needs to be rebalanced and the nervous system wiring restored.

This is a foreign concept for most, but our biological cells talk to each other and this comes through no more clearly than from the emotional body, which gets cut off due to our trauma, which then eventually leads to the immune dysfunction and the autoimmune reaction where the body attacks itself. IT IS IMPERATIVE FOR YOU TO HEAL THIS EMOTIONAL TRAUMA USING HOMEOPATHY, COUNSELING, EMOTION CODE RELEASE OR WHATEVER MODALITY WORKS FOR YOU. YOU DO NOT NEED TO STAY IN THIS DISEASED CONDITION. AFTER ALL, WE ARE TOLD THAT THE BODY IS ABLE TO HEAL…DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT? DO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE DOOMED TO BE STRUGGLING WITH AUTOIMMUNE DYSFUNCTION FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?

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