Integrative Oncology – Marrying

Integrative Oncology Practice is not a very well-known term to the public who often relate cancer or cancer diagnosis to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery as a treatment. Cancer treatment is so much more than just chemo, radiation and surgery. INTEGRATIVE ONCOLOGY incorporates this and looks at the support of the entire system, not just the shrinking of the tumour. This is imperative since the state of the immune system is paramount to ensure the successful healing and cure of the body. Chemo and radiation by nature are immune suppressive and this is often why after a ‘remission’ diagnosis there can be a metastasis or cancer resurgence due to the immune system being damaged and unable to control the proliferation of new cancer cell production after the initial diagnosis.

Integrative treatment utilizes supportive therapies such as nutrition, exercise, stress management and supplementation to reduce inflammation and boost immunity that affects the whole body, not just the localized area where the tumour is present. According to Thomas Siegfried MD, cancer is a metabolic disease which is systemic and before it manifests in a tumour, metabolic changes occur reducing oxygen usage and metabolism, leading to fermentation.

Bioxidative therapies are also supportive including ozone therapy which is very handy to help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. It has a good reputation in limiting side effects from chemotherapy such as fatigue, stomatitis, diarrhoea and chemo brain.

Ultimately it is the patient’s decision if they want to undergo regular cancer treatment or incorporate integrative oncology aspects as well, which can reduce the risk of relapse. Most patients are not aware of this option, so they go with the conventional treatment only. Conventional oncology is absolutely brilliant at diagnosing and killing the malignant tumour – usually with great, and sometimes lethal, toxicity to the host as well.” Integrative oncology, on the other hand, focuses on the interplay between the tumour and its immediate biochemical environment within the body, often referred to as “the terrain.”

According to University of Texas cancer researcher and biochemist Bharat Aggarwal, PhD, for almost any chronic disease inflammation is at the root, and as the body ages toxic exposures mount and genetic damage accrues. Depending on inflammation and the overall condition of a person’s terrain, that deterioration may eventually result in a life-threatening cancer, perhaps many years or decades later.

If this is all new to you, you will not lose anything by just investigating the potential to incorporate integrative approaches to your treatment. Research integrative oncology services on the internet, make appointments to consult with appropriate professionals, including your oncologist who can incorporate integrative oncology practices with regular cancer treatment. This can even mean that there are a team of several doctors and therapists supplying input to your treatment regime. See yourself as the CEO of your cancer treatment and that the doctors and therapists are the directors of the board who are reporting to you on what they are proposing to do to improve the company’s bottom line- your longevity and health! Don’t feel scared to ask questions, after all you are the CEO and responsible for steering the ship in the right direction.

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