Coping with Stressor of 2020 Including COVID-19 Mindsets

In our modern-day lives, we often live so far away from nature and her support systems, choosing to go for our hi-tech nonstop pressurised lifestyles. This ultimately results in a lack of health and vitality. We say, don’t worry we have the answer… We start taking medications as a way to numb the pain, whether it be pain pills, anxiety pills or anti-depressants. All of which, are mechanisms to override our bodies defence mechanism, like putting a cover over our dashboard when the fuel light comes on or putting our heads in the sand at any oncoming dangers or stressors our body is warning us about. We say we just need to be ok or survive until next week or until I get the job promotion or… Unfortunately, it is often too late as our vehicle runs out of petrol before we get to our destination.

This is no more apparent today with the added strain of the lock down uncertainty, job loses, anxiety and negativity. Is there another modality that we can look to, so we don’t just cover the fuel warning light? I believe a correctly prescribed homeopathic prescription based on the patient’s emotional symptoms of worry, anxiety and uncertainty can make an amazing turn around, allowing a release of stress and strain and a return to flowing emotions, joy and positivity, while navigating today’s exasperating life’s circumstances.

Remember, homeopathic medicines are prescribed on an individual basis according to a similarity of symptoms, i.e. the symptoms that a homeopathic drug causes in a healthy person are the symptoms it will cure in a diseased person. Let’s simplify that a little! If you cut up an onion, what are the symptoms you will experience? A runny nose, burning and tearing eyes. Is that not similar to the symptoms of the disease called hay fever? Well, the onion when prepared homoeopathically is prescribed for these types of symptoms and will cure them in a person suffering with hay fever.

Let’s look now at a few homeopathic medicines that can cure conditions that are affecting patients that are stressed out, worried, anxious and depressed due to life’s circumstances!

ARSENICUM ALBUM- Tendency to insecurity and needing support, feels vulnerable, needs people nearby for reassurance. Restless and anxious esp. at night. Anxiety of health and impending disease with fear of death.

CALC CARB- Feels like they are breaking down mentally and do not believe they can function in the present circumstances. Many unresolved issues bothering them. Dwells on his state of mind day and night and hence cannot sleep. Fear of many things, incl. the dark, thunderstorms, ghosts, infection, death about own health. They crave eggs.

LYCOPODIUM- Fear of responsibility and lack of courage to face a situation, this leads to all other fears being apparent as he cannot face his responsibility. Fear what others think of them, of public speaking. They feel inferior and do all they can to compensate. Tendency to impotence.

NAT MURIATICUM- Intense fear of rejection and avoid hurt at all costs, fear microbial contamination, suffers with anxiety but won’t let it show. Suffer from unexpressed grief

By taking these medicines, it supports the bodies defence mechanism to throw off disease, especially on the emotional plane, thereby allowing the patient to be in the present and the physical body to regenerate. They feel better, with more energy and less burdened being able to cope.

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