Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia – Why is it so Difficult to Recover?

Modern medicine does not have a wonderful track record addressing chronic fatigue syndromes, which are affecting us at epidemic proportions. A large proportion of patients that are on regular type treatments are not improving in health status. Many get sicker from the side effects of the medication and the psychological toll it has when you don’t have the energy to get out of bed day in and day out, being in constant pain. This is further aggravated when you have the responsibilities of raising a family, being a spouse etc.

What would happen if you would consider functional medicine and homeopathy as a health intervention? It is like the Batman and Robin of healthcare. This is because it addresses the cause of disease from the physiological perspective, as well as the wholistic perspective. Extra time is spent in case history taking and medications that do not have side effects are used and applied in a manner that cannot cause damage – enabling it to address causative factors in the emotional body. Environmental and metabolic medicine is considered, and natural laws are followed to bring the body back to vitality, addressing proper detoxification, dietary changes and high technology lab testing.

A large percentage of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients never get healed as Lyme’s disease is not diagnosed and treated. It is a collection of co-infections of bacteria that infect the body from a tick bite. It evades the immune system, causes a lot of inflammation, but is able to change forms and this is how it evades the immune system and the doctors. Some authorities call fibromyalgia a metabolic disease since the pain is caused due to the mitochondria in the cells being damaged and not being able to produce sufficient energy. Other mechanisms or causations for these symptoms include, heavy metal toxicity and infiltration of the body by parasites. The poisons from the parasites aggravate pain and fatigue symptoms – not to mention emotional. The Lyme’s parasite must be addressed, using anti-parasitical botanicals such as black walnut hull, wormwood, cat’s claw and magnolia bark. Homeopathy can support the opening of the detoxification pathways to eliminate the Lyme parasite. Often using the Lyme nosode, has a good effect.

Admittedly, treatment can take in excess of 1-2 years to resolve the condition, but that is very quick when you consider that many patients have been suffering for 20 years without much relief.

In my experience, there is always an environmental toxin involved that is poisoning the metabolic and respiratory enzymes – things like mercury or petroleum by products, pesticides, or vaccination toxins. There is also often an emotional trauma experienced that allowed the patient to succumb to the illness – maybe a shock, where they had a disappointment in love, or they were in an abusive relationship. These are prescribing indications for homeopathic medicine, to help the body to release the shock and trauma. It then allows the immune system to recover.

Here we can look at homeopathic remedies like:

  • Staphysagria – which can be prescribed where there was a humiliation that was not worked through.
  • Nat muriaticum – which is a wonderful remedy for fatigue, especially if there is an emotional trauma in the past that was not resolved and the patient is still living in the past, holding grudges etc.
  • Gelsemium is indicated where there is great weakness and fatigue, as the result of hearing bad news, as well as often in viral causations.
  • Consider Silicea or Thuja if it was since getting a vaccination.
  • Should pain be the overriding factor as in fibromyalgia consider looking into Eupatorium perfoliatum where there is deep bone pain.
  • Arnica – where there is weakness and they feel bruised, and the bed may feel too hard.
  • Classic fibromyalgia symptomatology matches a prescription for Bryonia, where the pain is aggravated by pressure and movement.
  • Arsenicum album covers the symptoms of fatigue, debilitating illness with high levels of anxiety with a lot of fears of death and deep insecurity.

The secret is knowing HOW to apply the principles of homeopathic medicine, otherwise the chance of you getting a positive result in this complicated chronic illness is very slim. From a functional medicine perspective, it was Dr William Walsh who discovered that patients with fibromyalgia have excessively high copper levels which lead to pain in the muscles and chronic debilitating anxiety. If a treatment protocol is used to eliminate these triggers, there is no reason the patient will not make a full recovery. Supplementation of high doses of zinc, molybdenum and vitamin B6 are well indicated, but should be prescribed carefully as it can cause a copper dumping effect if done incorrectly, leading to a worsening of side effects.

Applying this natural approach to chronic disease and fibromyalgia makes a distinct change to how the body deals with this so-called incurable condition and allows you to get your life back. I would not only look at homeopathy alone to cure, but also orthomolecular vitamin and mineral therapy as well at nutritional interventions.

Electromagnetic radiation from exposure to cell phone towers, cellphones and Wi-Fi is now around us almost 24/7 and affecting our biological human energy system, by creating inflammation and oxidative stress in our cells. If you suffering from fibromyalgia or any chronic disease ensure that you sleep in an environment where there are no Wi-Fi signals. (turn Wi-Fi off at bedtime.) This is due to the fact that at night our bodies undergo a process called autophagy or body cleansing where it gets rid of toxins and worn out cells etc. if your body is exposed to cell phone radiation it cannot detox, so you wake up in the morning tired, painful and depressed.

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