Cancer Causation

This may be seen as a controversial topic because we have been led to understand that cancer is this ‘monster’ that is successful in ‘killing’ many, or at least that the prognosis is very bad for this illness.

Previously, it was believed that you were unlucky to draw the short straw and that is why you got diagnosed with cancer. It was put down to a genetic reason for getting cancer, making us feel powerless.

Firstly, I think you have to separate the wheat from the chaff, and understand that cancer is big business and money talks through the pharmaceutical industry. That being said the human body is made in amazing ways and there are valid reasons why the cancer rates have increased, esp. in the last 20 years. (Look at our environment and cell phone EMF toxicity). Previously you would hardly hear of people with cancer, and nowadays it is unusual NOT to hear of people in your circle with cancer.

It is my experience that people are starting to catch on that the traditional approach of chemo, radiation and surgery is not as effective as we are led to believe and many more people are willing to deal with the condition without the 3 musketeers (chemo, radiation and surgery). Maybe I’m being a little too harsh by putting surgery in with the other 2 treatments… Physiologically it does not make sense to nuke and destroy the very immune system that helps to destroy the cancer. I admit, I am a little bias when it comes to mainstream medicine, due to their treatment protocols, but I don’t see long term positive outcomes using chemotherapy etc.

We need to work with our bodies and not against them, this means to work with a professional, who understands the body. Remember western medicine is brilliant at diagnosis and staging of cancer, but I personally don’t think at treating it.

There are 2 hypotheses for cancer causation, namely:

  • The genetic hypothesis for cancer causation,
  • The metabolic causation, which is backed up with solid physiological research from great scientists like Dr Otto Warburg and the more contemporary Dr Thomas Siegfried.

Here is the news flash– we are not bound by our DNA. But rather it determines what happens in the body by our epigenetics, which is our environment. You are not made a certain way by your genes, your genes are manipulated by your environment, so if you have poor nutrition or chronic stress, or lack of exercise etc., this can turn on the cancer genes leading to a cancer diagnosis. Remember to overcome cancer, it is the terrain and not the tumor that needs to be treated. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND. They get scared by oncologists to get chemo etc. This then destroys the bodies immune system and your overall health. So often times you don’t die from the cancer, but the chemo and radiation that have destroyed the immune system, so your body is unable to fight the multiplication of cells. This is also prevalent when we look at cancer recurrence. Once the immune system is destroyed by the chemo and radiation, it is unable to fight the re-emergence of cancer and you get a relapse.

Since cancer consists of uncontrolled dividing cells in response to toxic diets, environmental factors, and emotional traumas, it is important when addressing cancer causation, to include emotional aspects of disease. Negative sustained emotions like anger, revenge, etc. cause the immune system to overload and cancer cells are born out of that.

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