You may ask, “What is an allergy?”
In layman terms we would say it is when we get a swelling, itch or a blocked nose or throat or can’t breathe. Allergies also occur in the gut where you can suffer symptoms of leaky gut, irritable bowel etc, including bloating, pain, diarrhea, flatulence, food cravings, brain fog, sleeplessness and irritability.

From a medical perspective it is when your immune system responds to a foreign substance such as pollen, food substances, pet dander etc. and produces antibodies to the allergen. The body responds by releasing histamine which causes the symptoms of swelling etc. The reason you can have brain fog or be unable to focus, is that histamine also has an effect on the neurochemical function in the body. These are what we call IgE reactions, similar to if you have an anaphylactic reaction from eating seafood, or if stung by a bee. IgE is an acute severe response set off by food substances or exposure and is linked to acute allergies and occurs soon after ingestion of the offending substance.

Non igE allergies have a delayed response of approx. 24-48 hours, and an example would be where you eat some gluten which you are allergic to, but only feel tired or have a headache the following day. IgG occurs more due to the leaky gut, where food substances are allowed to gain access to the circulation and trigger food specific IgG allergy.

You may then ask, “Why are allergies so common these days?” This is partly due to our toxic environment and as a mechanism our liver uses to try eliminating the toxic load. The excess stress and unbalanced lifestyle so many of us have fallen prey to (of too much work and too little rest) has burdened the adrenals to have to release too much cortisol, the stress hormone, followed by an adrenal fatigue. We cannot keep up with the anti-inflammatory needs of the body via the cortisol effect. NOW, THE IMMUNE SYSTEM GOES ‘OVERBOARD’ AND CREATES AN EXCESSIVE RESPONSE TO PROTEINS IN SUBSTANCES KNOWN AS ALLERGENS!

The toxic load we are exposed to is what can limit our bodies ability to detoxify. Our environment is more toxic these days with petrochemical derivatives everywhere, from synthetic hormones to pesticides incl round up, allopathic medications.

Our bodies are the most complicated chemical labs on the planet!
This lab can be shut down or blocked when we have petrochemical derivatives which block our hormones and enzymes. This occurs if we are exposed to pesticides, synthetic hormones in contraceptive drugs and then our immune system ‘spazes out’ and we become sensitive to ‘substances’.

One of the triggers which is not taken to be so important in western culture is the effect that emotions have on our bodies. Chinese TCM approach states that 70 % of illness comes from emotionally derived unresolved issues, which can include suppressed angers, unforgiveness, betrayal, grief etc. If this is not resolved, your body remains in a state of high stress, using up a lot of your body reserves and your immune system is over reactive and can be extra sensitive to allergy responses especially if you find yourself in a chronic condition which is more difficult to resolve. It is resolvable, but needs to be addressed on the physical and emotional level.

Homeopathic treatment protocols can be used to rebalance emotions, hormones, neurochemicals and in this way bring about homeostasis to the immune system and allergies. I also advocate to be more aware of your surroundings, balancing your work and rest time. This is a difficult thing to achieve with all the demands put on us by society, but it is not impossible, however, it will take commitment.

Homeopathy uses what is called the Arndt Shultz law to affect the cell receptors. What this means is homeopathic substances in low potencies have a stimulating effect on the body.
Substances in medium potency have a regulating effect and high potencies have an inhibitory effect.
With the new technologies now available we are able to use body substances like neurochemicals, hormones and body waste substances to stimulate and change the way the body reacts.

Homeopathy can address allergies by incorporating miasmic prescribing to stabilize the terrain and release any environmental effects, i.e. excess use of antibiotics and the use of the sycotic miasm with Medorhinum, or allergic terrain through the psoric reactional mode.

Obviously, you will look to find a causation and address any emotional cause, for example: Allergies since grief, then hay fever developed, then consider Nat mur.
Hay fever in autumn look at Ambrosia, Dulcamara, or hay fever in spring look at Eralia or Euphorbium.

What about allergy to milk? Consider Lac defloratum. Can you see the homeopathic law at work? Like curing like (Lac def is skimmed milk made into a homeopathic remedy).

So, looking at things objectively; it is wise to remove any causative factor if possible (i.e. if milk is the trigger, eliminate it for a time until the body has had time to respond). Always remember that for good results, individual treatment to the case is essential.

Another interesting approach which is VERY INDIVIDULIZED is something called autohemotherapy, which involves using remedies that work on the eliminatory channels of the body (intestine, lymph, liver, kidneys) and combined with a drop of the patient’s blood. These are made up in potency and has the direction from the body’s immune system found in the lymphocytes in the blood. It speeds up clearing from the eliminatory organs and through this detoxification, immunity is resolved leading to allergy desensitization. This means you are able to ingest the offending food with little to no over response from the immune system.

If you have been taking antidepressants for years, consider looking at using homeopathy to assist to come off the drug. By using the homeopathic tautopathic therapy and the anti-depressant drug in potency you can revitalize the neurochemical receptor sites and feel better in a short time.
Although antidepressants are helpful at times, they shut the feeling mechanism off, and you seem to go on with lack of feeling alive!
Recently I have had 2 patients who have been on Lexapro long term who have managed to break the cycle using homeopathy and start feeling again.

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