ADHD- IT IS NOT NECESSARILY A CONDITION OR A PROBLEM WITH YOUR BRAIN OR THINKING! READ ON FOR ALL THE INFO. ADHD could almost be considered an epidemic in our schools today – the number of children on medication for learning and behavioural disorders is off the charts! Teachers and parents alike are struggling to keep control of the classes and ensure the children are able to effectively learn. Parents are often exasperated, struggling with the frustration of seeing their children just not ‘getting it right’, when it comes to learning and doing assignments, which should take about an hour, but instead find their child busy until 9pm at night. At the end of the day, the results are not favourable and learning problems are not improving!

This behavioural and learning issues cannot be cured with a pharmaceutical drug. Besides the host of side effects they bring, once you stop them, there are still learning and behavioural issues. Parents need to look at the problem with a more ‘common sense’ approach and in a more holistic manner. They need to look for the root cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms of the condition.

Our children are under more stress these days than ever before and this needs to be addressed. Causation is often multi factorial, meaning it can come from several issues, including nutritional deficiency, environmental toxin exposure, EMF exposure, allergies, emotional stress, parasites, infections, leaky gut and leaky brain syndrome.

You need to have a professional who is able to take all of these issues and perform the appropriate tests. It is important to also be guided through changing the lifestyle aspects that are going to improve your child’s condition. Things like adequate sleep, reduced screen time and electromagnetic radiation exposure, appropriate diet, nutritional supplementation and last but not least, support to the parent. This should be well communicated to the teachers and it is good if you can get them in on the treatment programme in order to give you feedback on how things are changing at school. It is often difficult for the parent to make changes especially with teenagers. The parent may often feel like they are being too strict and unfeeling in their disciplinary actions, but all children benefit from discipline and boundaries.

Functional medicine practitioners address these behavioural issues more holistically and completely by checking for toxicities of heavy metals, chronic infections which affect the bowel microbiome and neurochemical production systems. A good treatment protocol can take between 6-12 months depending what the cause is. The result often is not just a change in how your child learns and remembers or concentrates but their whole personality can change. They become more calm, able to rationalize and not become aggressive or overly emotional.

Homeopathy also has very good results with ADHD and behavioural issues and is a wonderful adjunct to support your child while they go through the detoxification and changes during treatment. Homeopathy is a more personalized system of medicine which looks individually how each patient presents. (2 patients with ADHD can present with different symptomatology and don’t necessary get the same prescribed medicine) Homeopathy is non invasive and has no side effects. This is very important to consider these days as our environment exposes us to a miriad of toxic chemicals and pharmaceutical drug side effects that lead to chronic poor health and drug conditions. Homeopathic treatment works to support the bodies healing ability and in many ADHD cases results are astounding especially if there is an emotional component such as extreme mood swings, temper tantrums, fears and phobias. Not only is the ADHD addressed but generally the whole metabolism improves.

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