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Homeopathic and Functional Medicine consulting to help you recover health and wellbeing.

How can I help you online?


Homeopathic Consulting

Homeopathy is a great natural effective modality that quickly moves the body forward into health and vitality. Used correctly and skillfully it has great healing ability by stimulating the body’s own system of defense and repair.


Functional Medicine

Combining an integrative approach, functional medicine and homeopathy puts the treatment outcome into a different league of effectiveness. It benefits by increasing the understanding of disease processes and toxicology with the benefit of lab testing available.


Supplementation Support

Online professional natural medicine dispensary where individualized supplementation can be prescribed for you, in the appropriate dosage to achieve the best therapeutic effect with wellness plans.

Dr Anthony de Pontes

I am a classically trained homeopath, who has branched out to also incorporate other aspects of natural health modalities for patients. I actively incorporate functional medicine techniques together with homeopathy for a more effective outcome. I love being challenged by difficult cases and thrive on moving the patient towards health. Part of this includes a great amount of education for the patient to better understand the reasons why they got this illness, how best to navigate out of the disease process and how to obtain a better level of health. I also offer professional training to homeopaths.

Our in-person services:

Nelspruit Integrative Medical Centre is situated in the beautiful Lowveld area of Nelspruit, South Africa. Here we offer effective healing modalities that complement the powerful prescriptions and change the body’s tissue response quickly, relieving pain, discomfort and releasing energy – all part of the move towards better health and healing.

What my clients say:

After sticking strictly to his herbs and homeopathy I became the anxious free, strong woman I am today….

Jakkie Kruger

The quick fixes of today’s medical fraternity hold no match to the holistic approach of Homoeopathy….

Within a week I found that I was able to function better. My sleep patterns improved, energy levels changed and sex drive improved….


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